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Estimating the Analytical and Surface Enhancement Factors in SERS

The surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) capabilities of silver nanoparticles is studied in this experiment by estimating the their analytical enhancement¬† and surface enhancement factors. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of SERS. The full citation is here: Pavel, I. E.; … Continue reading

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Quantitative Investigations of Biodiesel Fuel

In this experiment students complete four tasks: monitoring the production of biodiesel by a transesterification of a commercial oil; quantifying mixtures of biodiesel and petroleum-based diesel; using a Karl-Fisher titration to determine the impact of water on the quantification of … Continue reading

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Chemistry in Microfluidic Channels

The April edition of the Journal of Chemical Education has an interesting experiment that introduces students to the fabrication of a microfluidic device. The device uses a simple Y-channel design. After fabricating the device, students can use it to explore … Continue reading

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What if There is no Quantitative Analysis Course?

What happens if an institution does not have a quantitative analysis course? Where are¬† students introduced to the concepts of analytical chemistry and the importance of analytical measurements? This post describes how one institution approached this when the needs of … Continue reading

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